Friday, October 8, 2010

First Post Day One

I never wanted to be one of those girls who obsesses about calories or tries to live up to some impossible standard projected by magazines, movies and TV. But today I'm starting a diet, because I need to, and I thought if I did it in a different way, in a way that fed my mind and heart as well as helped my body become more healthy, then I should go for it. This is a documentation of my experience, and I don't know if anyone will read it, but that's okay. It's for me. 
The diet that I'm following is a variation on the Sacred Heart diet, where you eat a specially prepared soup for 1-2 weeks (I'm going for 2). Yes, I realize it's a crash diet, yes, I've heard all the negative things about both the Sacred Heart/Cabbage Soup diet as well as the dangers of crash dieting. But as a calorie reduction diet, the goal is to lose up to 10 pounds in one week. Supposedly this works, I'm going to try it and see.
I am currently about 60 pounds overweight at 180 pounds, the heaviest I've ever been in my entire life, and my goal is to get down to 120 pounds. The Sacred Heart diet is 2 weeks on the diet, 1 week off, 2 weeks on and so on until the desired amount of weight is off. I've read that at first the weight being lost is water weight, and some people gain back all the weight or more once they're off the diet. With eating healthy on the weeks I'm not on the diet, I should be okay. 
The other part of the diet is the writing part. I am a writer. I write freelance part time, and hold a Master's Degree in Playwrighting. It's spelled correctly, despite what the little red underline says.('Wright' indicates a craftsman-or craftsperson-as in a shipwright, someone who crafts something into existence.) I've had plays produced in different places, I've won awards, but I'm not published. As my wise old professor told me in grad school, a writer writes. I've been slacking in that department since my graduation in 2007, something that happens a lot once the structure of school is gone and that pressure to write is gone. 
This blog is entitled 3500 words per pound because one pound of body weight, in calories, is equal to approximately 3500 calories. Some say 3600, I'm going with 3500 because that seems to be the general consensus. 3500 words is what I should be writing PER DAY. On average. I was actually doing well with this writing goal during school, but have sort of failed to maintain that. I still write everyday, just not that kind of quantity anymore and I want to change that. Also its roughly the amount of words you should be writing, according to Stephen King's memoir 'On Writing'. And since Stephen King is America's most prolific (and successful) writer in our history, in my opinion, and is also not taken as seriously in academic circles as I believe he should, I agree with that. It's what my professors said in school, and Mr. King seems to pretty much have a handle on writing so it seems like a worthy goal. 
So today is the first day. I've already had the first bowl of soup and I've started this blog, and well just take it from here and see how it goes. 

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