Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time to Start Showing Results!

Today's report is that I'm pretty much on track with both writing and excercizing. I'm having girl issues at the moment, so I rode the bike for 1/2 hour yesterday and 25 minutes today. I'm doing so much better at recovering writing a certain amount of words per day, here is a sample of Wednesday's work. wednesday is poetry. Today's poetry theme was ophelia.

You melted to him a small rustle of wings

In a dream I shall feel through splendid cities white ophelia floating;
her sweet madness floats very slowly;
covered with the! star which is melting away!

In the wine of daylight dark lilacs.
- green casket flecked with gold, stars spring in the moss.
In a slumbering alder in each soft corner.
- sighing around her and the gaudy lotus tree.

You melted to him, a small rustle of wings
snow of rose petals at times she rouses
the great dreaming swan flower-flesh perfumed;

I no longer felt myself, i have seen maelstroms eternal,
stronger than alcohol lightnings and the yellow-blue awakenings
dawns are heartbreaking, i hung there
 Copyright Carissa A. Boak, 2010

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