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Oprah's Vegan Challenge

After watching Oprah’s Vegan Challenge yesterday there was quite an interesting conversation on my Facebook page after I expressed my frustration with Oprah and the way she portrayed veganism on her show. I just wanted to share my thoughts and my story on why I choose to be vegan. I was vegetarian off and on for several years before I went vegan after grad school. I did it overnight, with no ‘withdrawl’ symptoms. One of the biggest influeces in my going vegan was the video “Earthlings”, which you can watch for free here at the bottom of this blog and on other places around the internet. My biggest problem with Oprah’s show was that she made going vegan seem like a huge ordeal (starting off with the word ‘challenge’, which implies something difficult) and it’s really not. Almost any meal can be veganized. There are meatless and cruelty free alternatives out there that taste awesome and don’t involve the systematic slaughter of animals. I LOVE soy yogurt, sour cream, and cream cheese. Fo