Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Morning Pages

I worked on few reviews this weekend, and wanted to post a link to go with some of the books a I reviewed. There's an interesting phenomenon going on in the far right conservative movement called Stay At Home Daughters, and I came across an article in Bitch Magazine that talks about this trend in YA fiction novels that have to deal with young women's experiences inside ultra-conservative families and religious practices. It led me to pick up a few books:Quivering Daughters ,Keep Sweet and 
Hidden Wives

. They were compelling and offer a unique insight into this little known, and sometimes over-sensationalized phenomenon that gets a lot of hype in the media when something major happens. But the media doesn't go into depth about the lives of these young girls, but fortunately we have these amazing authors who can go there for us. Read the article from Bitch Magazine here

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