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Monday Morning Pages (5)

Many things to share today, including cool blogs, interesting links and a writing exercise. Jump over to Ethan O. Roses's blog to read some free stories and get some insight into writing  on flash fiction--it could inspire you to challenge yourself! Erotica writer and sexpert Susie Bright's Daily is out over at I've been reading and listening to Susie Bright since the late 90's, so long she's like an old friend. Not for the faint of heart. More free e-books! Twitter was all a-tweet with links this weekend. Christine Rose is the YA author of the bestselling Rowan of the Wood series. Read her books, then send her some love!    Writing exercise. Try writing a scene based on a generic conflict scenario, that you can then tailor to your own particular writing style. A great place to mine for these scenarios are places like Dear Abby or Miss Manners , in which people write to the columnists with various problems or conflicts that need resolving. The resp

Writing Ideas

Even though I traditionally use Thursdays as a spot for exploring books to media, such as movies or tv series, I'd like to start posting interesting links that make for good stories, or could serve as ideas for characters, monologues , short stories, 10-minute or one act plays, or other writerly endeavors. Here's the first! Women Priests Ordained in Maryland | Women's Interviews - The Daily Femme

Teaser Tuesday (7)

My selection this week is "The Edge of Grace" by Christa Allen. The book blurb goes like this: " A family ultimately explores the struggle of acceptance, the grace of forgiveness, and moving from prejudice to loving others as they are, not as we'd like them to be."  The story intrigues me because I don't normally, as a rule, read Christian themed books, (I do read and accept GLBTQ literature) but this one promises to be a slight departure from mainstream Christian fiction. I have no quotes from the book yet, but if the book blurb is correct, I'll be seeing if it promises what it delivers. If I encounter "we hate anyone who isn't like us" kind of prejudices with no turnaround or reversal at the end where the character realizes they've been mean and judgmental the whole time, then I promise a scathing review. If this novel does deliver acceptance between beginning and end, I will be one happy blogger. So we'll see, won't we? =)

Monday Morning Pages

Using fairy tales, myths, legends, songs and urban legends are a great way to get the   muse invited in, start or end a story, or to get a stuck story going again. Resources abound all over the internet, but I find that is a fun place to start because it blends humor with information (sort of) and everything, including urban legends themselves, should be taken with a grain of salt.  Pick one of these stories and start writing. The legend itself will give you your outline for you. It will help flex unused writing muscles, or help unstick you if you get stuck on a different story. The point is, a writer writes.