Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Visions of Magic: The Awakening by Regan Hastings Review

I think its interesting the stuff you learn about yourself when you become a blogger/reviewer/professional reader.

For instance, in the case of this review, I've learned that I have more to say about books I dislike than books I love, which is a little weird, but I think someone once said you remember bad experiences more because they cause you so much grief you remember suffering more than happiness. And that's what I remember from this book: suffering.
Don't get me wrong, I don't like trashing books, or authors.Most people know once I start a book I can't abandon it, I have to read it all the way through.
I admit that from about the middle of the book on, I had to scan instead of read. It was a way to appease my conscience and "leave no book behind" policy.
The plot was thin. The characters were cardboard cuttouts. There was no danger, no sypmthay, no empathy, no ticking clock. I couldn't care about the characters, which were vague and one dimentional.
The main character (Shea) tried to be the independent female characteristic of paranormal romance, but her every decision and every move, even going to the bathroom, depended on her horny protector (Torin) whose sole goal in life is to have as much sex as possible in order to help them "gain more power". I found the male characters to be typically chauvanistic and the females typically weak. The main witchy opponent to the two main characters had no motivation behind her actions, only that she wanted Shea to join her, but the reason for that was never made clear either. Maybe a vague reference to "gain more power". Didn't feel it.
Also, my eyes hurt as I read the same line over and over and over in the book "He would do anything to protect his woman." or "He would let nothing stop him from protecting his woman." I couldn't take it. A feminist book, this is not. If you want lucid plot and strong female leads packed with action and adventure and high magic, look somewhere else.

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