Writer Wednesday

Juicy linky goodness! Awesome links for today plus a writing excercize, mostly because I had a friend complaining of writer's block today.

Excercise to banish writer's block:
I've used this excercise before in my own blocked moments, and in my classes. I'm a huge fan of the cut up.
Write a bio of yourself in about a paragraph (that's 5-7 sentences). Cut the paragraphy down to individual words. Mix and match.You'll be surprised what you come up with--a completely different life history! You can do this with newspaper articles, magazines, old books you don't mind cutting up, poems, whatever...

In other news:
Book banning continues in VA:

BookLamp Launches a Pandora For Books

How NOT to open a novel is here.(tip 'o the hat to James Scott Bell)
Kindle: http://tinyurl.com/3zqc8he
Nook: http://tinyurl.com/3bv7vye

@sf_fandom: Sci Fiction World: Science fiction iPhone and iPad apps:
SF Guide: http://bit.ly/oIyxoz

This is a free online conference for writers WriteOnCon (tip 'o the hat to Sara Megibow)

Cool Blog: Girlfriends Book Club:

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