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Writing Prompts and Predictions for 2012!

Yay! First post of the year! Here are some predictions for 2012 that I've culled from the internet that also double as writing prompts. I got these from all over the place, but many were from Coast to Coast Am ( For those of you who don't follow, here's my shameless promo of the show: It's a nightly radio show, which you can listen to live or via podcast, discussing everything from space and time travel, to aliens and bigfoot and ghosts to magic and psychic powers. Like I said, everything! Plus you get an added sense of being a part of this secret night community. Be a part of the cool kids'club and check them out!

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1.A "very large object" will pass between the moon and Earth, turning the sky red and dropping rocks in its wake.
2.A significant buried treasure will be discovered somewhere in the United States.

3.A 5.0+ earthquake in mid-to-central California due to hit in May. Later in January,  major tremor is said to hit NYC.
4. 2012 will be the year that the existence of Bigfoot is confirmed after a badly injured or dead creature is recovered following a natural disaster.
5. A murder investigation into Kurt Cobain's death will be opened by the police.
6. A school shooting similar to Columbine as well as some kind of terror attack involving trains.
7. UFOs will land on the White House lawn on 12.21.2012.
8. Many such predictions involve alien contact or invatsion especially close to the date of 12.21.12:
--a world superpower will upset the aliens, resulting in the country being wiped out by the ETs.
--some say that aliens will not come to Earth, but will try to communicate with the human race.
9. A "covert lunar probe" revealing ancient structures on the moon and such information being leaked onto the Internet.
10. Regarding the 2012 presidential election, ou cant ake your pick of any number of predictions, as to who will win, how they win and why.
11. Some predict an assassination attempt on the new North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, while others predict that Fidel Castro will die in 2012.
12. The United States will finally discover life on Mars in form that is both organic and intelligent.

13. With the impending doom of the 2012 prediction, some believe that clean drinking water will become increasingly scarce, causing legal battles and financial difficulties for average Americans.
14. Of course what's a prediction without bringin the SuperBowl into it? Either way you have a 50% change: Raiders or Patriots.  

You can always spice up your prediction by taking one and combining  it with another: What if, for example, the Raiders win the Super Bowl just as aliens land on the front lawn of the White House?
The point is to keep writing, not second guess yourself.

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