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Leap Year Post-Contemporary Lit Question

I don't have a meme for anyone today, just a general question to ask people: I'm an English teacher, and I'll be teaching a Contemporary Lit class this coming summer (hopefully, depends on enrollment). So my question is: if you were to take a Contemporary Lit class, what books would you like to read? Contemporary Lit is usually defined by approximately the 1990's to present. Some YA could be considered. Drop your comment, shoot me an email ( ) or tweet me!

Six Sentence Sunday #3

Hello--this is my third contribution to Six Sentence Sunday! Although many on the Six Sunday list are erotica based, I always feel like I have to give my little speech--I love erotica, but my ongoing story is more YA/Urban Fantasy. I always love reading other people's entries on the list, though--I have seen some remarkable talent!   The crossroads are places where light meets dark, where the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, where magic can and does happen. The girls are after me, I can hear their wild echoes through the tall brick buildings that surround me on either side—the concrete of the cracked sidewalk, the asphalt of the street where hardly any cars pass.   I should stand up to them but I know that if I do, they’ll overpower me, because there’s no one to come to my rescue. My prince or princess charming isn’t going to ride up on a white horse and save me. At least that one thing that’s make me different from my mother. She’s never stopped waiting for Prince Ch

Follow Friday #3

This week's featured blogger is: Oh! For the LOVE of Books! She's an English teacher! Yay!! You know us academic types gotta stick together... Q: Activity!!! Take a picture or describe where you love to read the most… The bed, of course! Surrounded by books and my two favorite stuffed animals, Monster Bernard and Eeyore, who graciously let themselves be photographed after the kitties, my reading partners, decided they were too good for picture taking. I embroidered the stars on my purple pillow myself! If you'd like to follow me back, Twitter is good because I (usually) post writing prompts, but GFC is good too (I don't think it's disappearing for blogger, just all non-blogger sites?) Comment and let me know you followed so I can follow YOU if I'm not already.

The Hunger Games: Soundtrack List & Music Video

The Hunger Games: Soundtrack List & Music Video Although I'm a country girl at heart, or rather by location, I'm actually not the biggest Taylor Swift fan. She has this thing about telling other girls what not to do while she does them herself, which I find to be, you know, snobbish and hypocritical (See Bitch Magazine's article from the Primal Issue about Taylor Swift being the Sex Police. And Fox News calls her a wholesome country singer? For real? Do wholessome girls like the kinds Fox News likes sing songs about having a 'drawer full of my stuff over at your place' uh-uh-uh! No co-habitation, young lady!) But she's doing most of the original music for the soundtrack, apparently. And I don't know if its because of the quotes that Shelf Awareness has from her in this little blurb but she sounds like a middle school kid using "like" in every other sentence. It's not enough to make me NOT see the movie based on the book, and we all kn
 Q: BeefcakeandBabes Asks: I like unique names for characters and am looking forward to coming up with some when I start writing. What’s the most unique character name you’ve come across? Myself: I like to comb thorugh baby name websites, sometimes searching for a particlar ethnicity (like Romanian or Gypsy Baby Names) and sometimes by time period (Old West, Victorian) and you can come up with a lot of interesting and unusual names that way. Also, of course, if you want to give your character some kind of association with a particular power or strength, names of gods and goddesses and mythological characters can be good to use. Also, people's usernames on the Internet can also surprise you with a good name for a character. If you'd like to follow, there's all kinds of ways, whatever works best for you and how you like your info. I sometimes like to follow through Google Reader, because I have the app on my phone, but I'm also a HUGE twitter freak, so you can always

YA Authors on the Power of Austen

YA Authors on the Power of Austen I love this piece on authors and Austen, as Austen has experienced a huge re-vamping in recent years. What's up with this resurgence? Is she a tortured idealist, or a strong feminist model, or maybe some combination of both? She has really drawn in the YA authors and been revamped--not just with zombies but with all kinds of parallels and re-tellings. And that leads to another question: is using Jane Austen as the basis for your novel really writing? What draws in so many YA readers? I offer the idea that so many of us (myself included) have grown up with Austen (and her contemporaries) as our love of literature grew. I've always been fascinated with the concept of secret languages and the ways that books can be escape portals and ways to enrich our minds. All book lovers know the romance and security of a book that helped form and shape you and was always there for you like your dearest friend. (I know for me through much of my middle school

Six Sentence Sunday #2

Here is my second contribution to Six Sentence Sunday--you can see the list of other participants by clicking the button. Many of them are erotica based, (which is awesome), but mine's more of a YA/Urban Fantasy deal. Hope you enjoy! We were in fifth period Bio, and as usual I was sitting by myself because no one wanted to be lab partners with me, so I should have suspected something when one of the girls sat down next to me and smiles a huge white smile. “Can I sit here?” and I could tell she was up to something right away. Her group of friends were behind me at the table snickering, it wasn’t as if they were trying to really hide it or anything.   “What do you want?”                   “God, you’re so rude, no wonder you don’t have any friends!” and with that she swept my journal out from under my lab notebook and that’s how it all started. It all comes back to the journal.

Follow Friday #2

Welcome to my 2nd Follow Friday--I learned a lot from he first one, so I hope I'll be doing this one a little better. Today's Friday Question for the Blog Hop: Q: What would your prefer: reading your favorite book over and over again until you got sick of it OR reading 100s of mediocre books? And why? One of the questions I get asked a lot is "How many times have you read that?" or "Aren't you done with that book already--seems like you've been reading it forever!"So my answer to this questions is obvious: I'd rather read the same book that I'm in love with over and over rather than read a lot of mediocre books. It's kind of a strange question--why would anyone sepnd their time with something that didn't light their fire? Quantity doesn't equal quality, just like with friends. I have books I remember very fondly as being books that got me through terrible times, or came with me on differnt trips and were there (as Stephen Kin

I Hear Voices Blog Challenge Wednesday. Day 2 Dialouge

“I can’t believe he broke up with me by text message.” I complained for the 40 th time since I called her. She agreed, but you could tell my constant whining was getting on her nerves. “It’s totally lame to break up with someone that way.” She flipped on her side and looked up at me from under her fedora. “But think of it this way. Someone who would break up with you through a text isn’t someone you want to be with anyway.” Morgan extracted a cigarette from her bag and lit it, turning around to face the river.

Review: Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots?

Review: Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots? This is not my review, obviously, this comes from Shelf Awareness. But I was so intrigued by what I read that I couldn't wait for "Waiting on Wednesday". It sparks some great conversation, though. When someone gets on the highest rooftop to denounce homosexuality, they are almost always the biggest closet cases walking. Why? Religious indoctrination? Society's perception of gay men as somehow "less than", or "not masculine"? Shelf Talker: Provocative essays on the psychological toll of the pressures to conform to elusive modes of masculinity.

I Hear Voices Blog Challenge

Emily—my biggest vulnerability is the fact that I am a faerie princess, in exile. I meant for this to be a secret, but some girls at school—the ever popular “mean girls” stole my journal as a joke and found out what I am. To make things worse, one of their boyfriends kissed me—just out of the blue. Imagine how they feel about me now. People believe that I am a huge freak. That I believe in faeries and a world that intersects   ours, that I am a “dreamer” and someone who wouldn’t know reality if it bit her on the nose! Maybe they’re right. I have a tiny dragon that lives in my motel room, and a griffin parked on the roof. I know where the wizards and witches live in the city. I’ve seen angels and demons and every kind of fae disguised walking down the street. My best friend, Morgan, is like me. Artistic, creative, misunderstood and broody. She’s an artist (and a really good one) but she always tells me what a romantic idiot I am. Like this guy I really liked turned out to be a real

Wabi Sabi Love

Wabi Sabi Love This one caught my eye on Shelf Awareness because of its blurb. It just goes to show how something as simple as sunlight caught in the crack of a vase can become the inspiration for an entire novel! I've also always been facinated with the idea of Wabi Sabi itself--that the imperfections in something, whether its a vase or a person, creates character and beauty for all its flaws.

Six Sentence Sunday

My contribution to 1-Emily stood panting at the corner of Mission and Hamilton, which boasted a Chance’s Chicken on the left-hand side, and an Arrowhead Get-N-Go on the other. 2-Any of the above would could have acted as sanctuary for Emily, who was being pursued by a group of girls who wanted to kick her ass. 3-It was more like a hunt, with Emily as the hunted. 4-A lot of people scoff at the idea of girls kicking ass, at least in the time before talk shows and news shows made it a “special” or an “exclusive”. 5-The same way people scoff at the idea of faerie princesses. 6-She never meant for them to find out, of course, but she was beginning to realize that life doesn’t always go according to plan .

Feature and Follow Friday!

Parajunkee--Feature and Follow Friday! This is my first #feature and #follow friday on this blog--I am going to be dedicating some time to make sure I follow EVERYONE I see on the list, so give me time to make sure I get to everyone! If you'd like to, you can click on the little blue birdie on the right there and follow for writing prompts and pieces of my day, literary news, a bit of politics, poetry, sarcasm and philosphy! Or you can click the Google Friend Connect (GFC) button at the bottom right hand column OR the RSS OR the Email feed. I put up a lot of different strokes for different folks! Just a warning though, although I do read and review some YA stuff, not everything I write, read or tweet is rated PG-13. I promise to follow anyone who follows me, just give me time to get back to everyone! Thanks, have an awesome weekend with your favorite book/friend. Write on!

App of the Day: My Artist's Way Toolkit & App

App of the Day: My Artist's Way Toolkit & App I have to admit I am super excited about this! Not only have I followed the books and Julia Cameron in this series, "The Artists's Way", but I use many of her techniques in my own classes as well as my own writing. I've been longing for something like this to come out, and I am so glad it did! Write on!