Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Hunger Games: Soundtrack List & Music Video

The Hunger Games: Soundtrack List & Music Video

Although I'm a country girl at heart, or rather by location, I'm actually not the biggest Taylor Swift fan. She has this thing about telling other girls what not to do while she does them herself, which I find to be, you know, snobbish and hypocritical (See Bitch Magazine's article from the Primal Issue about Taylor Swift being the Sex Police. And Fox News calls her a wholesome country singer? For real? Do wholessome girls like the kinds Fox News likes sing songs about having a 'drawer full of my stuff over at your place' uh-uh-uh! No co-habitation, young lady!) But she's doing most of the original music for the soundtrack, apparently. And I don't know if its because of the quotes that Shelf Awareness has from her in this little blurb but she sounds like a middle school kid using "like" in every other sentence. It's not enough to make me NOT see the movie based on the book, and we all know the book is better anyway, but its not a selling point, either. There's no explicit sex in the book, or any sex really, but Katniss does have feelings about the guys in her life. The thing is, she isn't worried about the state of her virginity or a purity ring. She's worried about her and her family's survival, and whether or not she's going to make it through the day alive. It just burns my toast when a celebrity who hasn't read the book and doesn't really understand it-based only on the information we are given-is asked to write a song about it. "We're going to win! Uh, no wait, it's really about death. That's a lot different!" You think?

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