Friday, February 17, 2012

Q: BeefcakeandBabes Asks: I like unique names for characters and am looking forward to coming up with some when I start writing. What’s the most unique character name you’ve come across?

Myself: I like to comb thorugh baby name websites, sometimes searching for a particlar ethnicity (like Romanian or Gypsy Baby Names) and sometimes by time period (Old West, Victorian) and you can come up with a lot of interesting and unusual names that way. Also, of course, if you want to give your character some kind of association with a particular power or strength, names of gods and goddesses and mythological characters can be good to use. Also, people's usernames on the Internet can also surprise you with a good name for a character.

If you'd like to follow, there's all kinds of ways, whatever works best for you and how you like your info. I sometimes like to follow through Google Reader, because I have the app on my phone, but I'm also a HUGE twitter freak, so you can always find me there! Happy reading and writing this weekend, everyone!

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