Saturday, February 25, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #3

Hello--this is my third contribution to Six Sentence Sunday! Although many on the Six Sunday list are erotica based, I always feel like I have to give my little speech--I love erotica, but my ongoing story is more YA/Urban Fantasy. I always love reading other people's entries on the list, though--I have seen some remarkable talent!

 The crossroads are places where light meets dark, where the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, where magic can and does happen.
The girls are after me, I can hear their wild echoes through the tall brick buildings that surround me on either side—the concrete of the cracked sidewalk, the asphalt of the street where hardly any cars pass. 
 I should stand up to them but I know that if I do, they’ll overpower me, because there’s no one to come to my rescue.
My prince or princess charming isn’t going to ride up on a white horse and save me.
At least that one thing that’s make me different from my mother.
She’s never stopped waiting for Prince Charming, and look where it got her.

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