Monday, April 2, 2012

A-Z Blog Challenge "B"

He wouldn’t acknowledge the baby as his. Didn't want his wife to find out he’d been with the babysitter. It’s such a hard thing to keep secret in this town. Everyone knows who babysits who, who is married to who, who had a checkered past—who to trust and who not. There are people you can wait a few days to accept a check from, and others you want the cash up front. So when a teenage girl gives birth in her bath tub, its really hard to keep quiet. Why she called me, I’ll never know. I am the social center of this town, being the little busy body that I am.
The following informationw as found scribbled in many loose journal pages when I went to check the house after Angela called me. No trace of Angela, the baby, or the husband has ever been found.

This is not a game. this is real.

Why won't he talk to me anymore? What did I do?
It's his ba-

I tried to get him to open the door. He was sittin' on the couch, playing video games—

Shattered glass.

Built a house on a grave—there’s a million of them out here, you know.

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