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A-Z Blog Challenge "F" Funhouse Mummy! /PJV Hop

Day six and the letter "F" for the A-Z Blog Challenge. If this is your first time here, my A-Z challenge is based on Urban Legends, and follows the life of a small town Nevada reporter, Adele.
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Adele's story continues...
There is a little store here, tucked away just barely out of sight in our one-streetlight on our one main street is an old gas station, not the one that's currently in vigorous use by the many campers and trailers that come through here--this was the old Sonoco that shut down in the 70's due to gas prices and an oil embargo.
It's currently in ownership of the Beckett family, and run by their entire family. It was rumored that they were once a part of a circus, and came out here after a shameful disgraceful failure (in their eyes) of a failed Hollywood career.
A lot of dreams come here to die.
They continue their dreams of entertaining the public, by running a kind of funhouse/old movie house in the converted gas station and offer the tourists a tour of the strange and unusual. Jackalope heads mounted on mini plagues, lots of jars of stuff in bright lime green jello said to be alien fetus or results from nuclear experiments.
Olen, the father of the whole tribe, runs the show. And one of his favorite things to show tourists, or anyone who asks, really, is the mummy, which he claims is real.
In his funhouse of horrors, the mummy is on permanent display. It is the (seeming) corpse of a man, perhaps "deceased" in his 30's or 40's, who is shriveled and wasted almost to a skeleton, although enough of the features are left (molded my wax, I'm sure) to create a bit of a personality. Wherever Olen got this from, I'm sure that part of its appeal was to freeze the mannequin's face in an expression of horror.
Supposedly, out here in the Wild West, this is the corpse of Jesse James, or one of his contemporaries, depending on who is telling the story. 
The most interesting thing about this the mummy's mouth hangs open and you can drop a nickel or quarter (or even a good old U.S. dollar if you feel so inclined) just for the thrill of sticking your hands inside a dead person's mouth.
Personally, I think Olen and his family went a little nuts after their failed Hollywood careers, but they're basically harmless. Just storytellers with tall tales. Everyone's gotta make a living.

And now, dear readers, I must leave you. Don't forget, these stories will be available in their entirety at the end of the month when I collect them into a book of short stories. My dream is also to have a book published, and this is a great way to push myself to do it!

From the Parajunkee Hop:
Q: Have you ever bought a book BECAUSE of a bad review?
I can't think of any off the top of my head. I do, however, take all reviews with a grain of salt, and there are some books I've bought---because I do like *some* YA reads--that I *wish* I had read the negative reviews first. For example, the Iron Queen by Julia Kagawa or the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead (who I LOVE in her Succubus series--it's just her YA fiction isn't for me.) But I probably would consider it--or least get a sample and judge for myself if all the hype is justified.

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