Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A-Z Blog Challenge "I"-Iron Maiden

Day nine and the letter "I" for the A-Z Blog Challenge. If this is your first time here, my A-Z challenge is based on Urban Legends, and follows the life of a small town Nevada reporter, Adele.
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Adele's story continues...

A lot of the kids listen to metal music here. Basically your two choices are metal and country,a nd most listen to a combination of both.
It's considered unladylike fo a teenage girl to listen to heavy metal, so when Ismene went missing, that was the first thing al the old timers based her disappearance on. "You know that a girl like THAT can get into trouble."
Ismene had a fondness for Iron Maiden, and also for a boyfriend named Steve. She was a part of the crowd that ruled a small kingdom in the cemetary of Goldtown, so when she went missing, Steve was the natural choice for suspicion. Rumors ran wild through the town, saying Ismene and Steve and their group were listening to devil music, playing Iron Maiden albums backward to get messages from Lucifer, and enganging in sexual and satanic rituals in the old mining graveyard.
You want to know what I think? She just wanted out of this town, and I don't blame her.

And now, dear readers, I must leave you. Don't forget, these stories will be available in their entirety at the end of the month when I collect them into a book of short stories.

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