Friday, April 13, 2012

A-Z Blog Challenge "L"-The Lightning Struck Lovers

Day eleven and the letter "L" for the A-Z Blog Challenge. If this is your first time here, my A-Z challenge is based on Urban Legends, and follows the life of a small town Nevada reporter, Adele.
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Adele's story continues...
Remember that story I told you about the Devil's Chair, a few stories back? This next story, I suspect, sprung up for similar reasons. While I have my opinion that our Devils' Chair might actually have some truth to it, based on the evidence I've seen, this next one I'm pretty sure is all fictional. I've been to Lover's Rock. (Who with is none of your business!) And while the rock formation is there, and indeed looks like a couple in an embrace, I have my doubts about its origin, but this is the way the story goes:

It all starts with the way the rocks form in the canyons around here--if the face of a cliff looks like an actual face, there must be a sleeping giant trapped in there for some long past wrong deed. But there are people who swear this next one is true...
So many of these stories involve teenagers, but this one involves a tourist couple in their 30's, who went exploring the canyons and washes that surround our town. If you drive to the tallest hill--usually the safest one because its close to town and boasts out satellite stations--you can find any number of spots to look out over our small town and watch the lights slowly turn on and warm the sky.
As couples are inclined to do, inspired by the romantic view, they started to get down and frisky.
During the summer, the desert it often prone to flashes of heat lighting, and we're no exception. A few flashes in the night sky above them might have warned them to stay away from the satellite and cell phone towers--literally a hotbed of electrical activity esepcially during hot and dry summer nights, but perhaps it was the beauty that made them stay. It's like watching fireworks on display especially for you.
One such violent flash struck the lovers on the top of their heads as they were kissing, filling them both with heat and light for a moment before killing them both, who were dead frozen (or fried) in fused lip lock with each other.
Over time, animals and nature took care of the remaining flesh that stuck to the two bodies, and instead of the bones crumbling to dust, moss and lichen began to grow over the bones, creating what's now known as Lover's Rock, the town's most unlucky make out spot.  

And now, dear readers, I must leave you. Don't forget, these stories will be available in their entirety at the end of the month when I collect them into a book of short stories.

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