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A-Z Blog Challenge "Q"-The Quincy Sisters

Day sixteen and the letter "Q" for the A-Z Blog Challenge. If this is your first time here, my A-Z challenge is based on Urban Legends, and follows the life of a small town Nevada reporter, Adele.
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Adele's story continues...
This is a story about the Quincy sisters who were murdered mysteriously in their bedroom.
There was a little boy named, let's say, Johnny, who was one of those annoying kids who liked to forward chain letter emails (open this and forward it to 10 friends or else this little girl will die of cancer and it will be YOUR fault-those kinds of emails). He was so into it that he started making them up on his own because he liked to scare and annoy people. What can I say--it's a small town, and some of these kids will sit in front of the computer morning noon and night--I mean that's their whole life.
One day little Johnny opens up an email that is from two sisters--twins, in fact. They called themselves the Quincy Sisters and informed Johnny he was their long lost little brother, which was confusing to Johnny since he was an only child. The sisters told him they had lived in his house--while he was there. Johnny of course replied they had to be mistaken, since he surely would have remembered living with two twin older sisters, and told them, to put it politely, take a long walk off a short pier.
The next day, Johnny gets a message from an anonymous email with a chilling message, and some photo attachments. The first photo was of two twin girls, taken in what looked like Johnny's front yard. The other photo was of a newspaper clipping from our very own Goldtown Journal, detailing the mysterious and brutal murders of the Quincy sisters. In the email, the sisters said they were indeed his older sisters. In 1991 they had lived in his house, and the bedroom he had now has been their bedroom. They told him all about growing up in Goldtown and about their lives and how happy they'd been until they were killed. They even told him about the loose floorboard in the kitchen that squeaked.
The article from the Goldtown Journal detailed the brutal slaying of the Quincy sisters in 1991, attacked and killed in their home after midnight. Instead of a crazed killer, or an escaped prisoner from the local prison, suspicion fell on the parents. No signs of forced entry were seen, and no one had heard the girls cry out as they were being attacked. The only leads that the police could find were some suspicious (possibly contrived) emails on one of the girl's computers. The case went cold, and no evidence was ever brought against the parents. In conclusion of the email, the sisters told Johnny how angry they were that the people of Goldtown had seemed to forget about them, and that a new baby had been born that very year the girls had died--Johnny. Johnny, by now in high school, told the email senders he didn't believe them, they were full of shit, and to go to hell. An email reply told Johnny that if he didn't believe them, to look in his bedroom closet.
That was the last email on Johnny's computer.When the police traced Johnny's steps, they saw the names of the twins carved into the bedroom closet floor: Petra and Pele, and below that, Johnny.

And now, dear readers, I must leave you. Don't forget, these stories will be available in their entirety at the end of the month when I collect them into a book of short stories.

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