Saturday, April 28, 2012

A-Z Challenge "X" is for "X-Files"

Day twenty three and the letter "X" for the A-Z Blog Challenge. If this is your first time here, my A-Z challenge is based on Urban Legends, and follows the life of a small town Nevada reporter, Adele.
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Adele's story continues....

There's been a lot of speculation over the years about the existence of the secret branch of the government, specifically the FBI, known as the X Files. A government agency dedicated to strange, unusual, and possibly the paranormal. What better place to hide this supposed branch of government, but a stretch of desert that no one cares about and no one really knows exists (and probably wouldn't care if they did)?
This was long before the popular series came out in the 90's, and like a lot of people, I sat glued to my TV on Sunday nights (and Friday and Saturday nights when it went into re-run status). But unlike most of America, I didn't have to tune into a TV show to see it-- I could see it all the time happening in my little mountain desert town. 
I've seen the dark sedans, the men and women both dressed in sharp suits and sunglasses. They've even talked to me several times--about the missing tourists, the teenagers that like to hang out at the graveyard and the old hospital and the abandoned institution. 
Sometimes I wonder why more of them don't come and ask questions, why the families of all the missing people and detectives and police from other places don't make the connections to this little town. 
But what do I know, I report the news, I don't make it. 

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