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Follow Friday #7

Q: What drove you to start book blogging in the first place?

Basically to rant and rave about the books I love--and hate. And since I've started, I can say something I've never said before. There are some books that I hate. There, I said it. I've read some pretty spectacular books (I know I'm woefully behind on reviews) but there are times when a book comes to me highly recommended, or it gets 5 stars on Goodreads, and I read it and I'm blown away by the poor, poor quality, and I wonder if people actually read (or edited) the book in question in the first place. I've also learned that my "Leave No Book Unread" policy is not a good rule for me anymore. If the book doesn't engage my interest, it will languish forever in Bad Book Hell. 
I'm also a college teacher, so I want to keep blog/opinion/rants/reviews in a separate venue than my professional persona.
The other reason I started a book blog is because I am a writer, and I wanted a platform for that. But lately I'm finding a need for an outlet to talk about things I can't really talk about on Facebook, or some other platform where I might need to be able to be myself and express my opinions in a way that I can't elsewhere. I live in a rural (read: conservative) community, and its not exactly a place where literacy is celebrated. Most people in this community would rather drill into their own molars rather than read a book for fun. And that's so sad. Or, they may read things of a dubious nature, like anything by Rush Limbaugh. 
This is not a place where thinking is celebrated (the worst thing you can do in a conservative community is think independently) and it really burns my toast that I can't always be myself for fear of ridicule, at the least. I seem to be the only one here who has a different opinion than everyone else. Total rant and true story: I strongly object to the N word for African Americans, the C word for women and the F word for gay people. It is NOT okay to say those words in front of me, and people need to know I am not cool with that. Unfortunately, knowing that seems to give immature people the idea to think they can use those words, and repeatedly, to bait me.
So...I need a place to talk, to review, to opine, promote, express, sigh, scream, connect with like minded people, imagine...and long story I am! 


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