Saturday, October 6, 2012

#SatSunTails #1

My first contribution to the #SatSunTails microfiction contest, hosted over at Rebecca Clare Smith's Journal.

Here's the writing prompt:
"darkened empathy"

Here's the picture prompt:
And here's my contribution:
Tammy hesitated only a moment before running into the woods. She could hear her mother behind her, stumbling, calling her name. Some part of Tammy thought that it wouldn’t happen to them, it wouldn’t come here, it was all a new tv show. Before her mother changed, she warned Tammy: If it happens to me, you run, you run to woods as fast you can and don’t look back. Tammy didn’t realize as she obeyed her mother, the before-mother, and ran into the woods-- branches scratching her face-- that her own heart was changing, and that a new sense of darkened empathy rose in her. She felt sad for the thing that was once her sanctuary from all the bad in the world, but knew the nightmare drooling blood down the front of her blue housedress wasn’t really her mother anymore. Tammy didn’t know the world she was running into, but still, she ran. 

Wordcount: 154

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