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Thursday Rant--I Just Can't Take it Anymore!

I just don't understand Republicans. It's not from lack of trying. I have tried to talk to them, but you know what that's like. Have a rational sane logical discussion that doesn't involve an "offhand" comment about a women's place being in the home, and how blacks and gays are out to destroy life as we know it? Surely, you jest.

I live in a very rural area, where most people are of the extreme kind of conservatism. There's a lot of extreme religion around here, and extreme views on people, especially what a woman's place should be. Not to mention the dirty blacks (still called "coloreds" up here, and forget the limp-wristed homos who want nothing more than to drag you out of the country bar and have their way with you.)

Recent comments from the Romney/Ryan campaign have made me utterly recoil in horror. "The method of conception doesn't matter..." (Attributed Paul Ryan here: ) "Some women rape easy..." attributed to an associate of Ryan's, Roger Rivard, a Wisconsin legislator was quoted having quoted someone else here:

Then there's this binder stuff. I guess what Romney was trying to say was that *if* he had wanted to place equal-qualified women in place of men in the workplace in his home state of Massachusetts, he had "binders" full of women to choose from. 
What's sad is that Romney doesn't even think what he said was wrong, or how it can possibly be taken as insulting that information about women would be placed into binders like so many baseball cards listing their qualifications and stats. 

The binder meme has gone viral here on Amazon, with some pretty sharp comments.

Yet more insults towards single moms (no mention of single parents, or dads, just moms:) This was one of the best reactions to this comment by Romney in which he makes a ludicrous and absoltuely false statement between single moms and gun violence:

 The witty and brilliant rebuttal by mom, blogger, and business owner has been classic:

So my question is, given these statements from the Republican camp: is Romney deliberately trying to isolate and devalue the votes of women--and not just their votes, their contributions, their thoughts, their perspective? Why do Republicans hate women so much? If you associate yourself with this party, doesn't it mean you stand for these statements and sentiments above? I don't think you can pick and choose here: "Well, I believe women should have a say, but I hate Obama so much that I have to vote for Romney." Does that make any kind of sense? It doesn't to me. The people I'm around hate Obama, with a passion, but when asked what specifically they hate, they respond with proven falsehoods: "He's a Muslim." or "He tanked the economy." One, he's not a Muslim. Two, he inherited a giant mess, and everyone knows that. One thing they won't say to my face is the real reason: They hate Obama because he's black, and for no other reason.
I think this is one of the many differences between liberals and conservatives. I'm willing to open up a dialogue and try and understand and talk about different things. Without yelling. Seriously, talk to me. I really want to know.
But I have learned that you can't ask a conservative why they hate black people, or gay people. When I point out that even if you don't agree with someone's lifestyle, they're still taxpayers, same as you. Those are your fellow Americans you're talking about--why such hatred?They pay taxes, same as you. They fight in our wars, they teach our children, they are contributing members of society.
No on ever has an answer.
Why can't gay people get married?
The answer is usually a jabbing of fingers to the Bible.
But what if I, and many other millions of people, don't believe in a book that was written over 2,000 years ago by different men (and only men) writing in different centuries with different political agendas?
Oh, right, I'm a sinner and going to hell. I forgot.
Why are black people so bad?
Crickets chirp, a tumbleweed drifts by.
How does two guys or two girls getting married affect my life and my marriage?
Crickets chirp, a tumbleweed drifts by.

No one ever has an answer--I can't vote for anyone who actively (that means demonstrated action, people. Active=activity) hates me and my gender, and my friends. I don't understand how conservatives do, either.


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