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No more Free Shit to People!

I hate it when people want stuff. And things. Free stuff and free things, on my dime. 

Things like..being able to marry the person of your choice. Things like control over the decisions about your own body, the private decisions you  make in your own bedroom and in your doctor's office, things like not being shamed if you happen to be assaulted. Some thoughts about what happens to your taxes.
Want to improve unemployment and reduce the amount of people on welfare? Invest in education. Stop this anti-intellectualism. By this I mean the shit I have to hear from students on a regular basis: this arms-crossed-over-chest voice where they inform me they'd rather have an elephant sized needle inserted into an eardrum than read a book--gasp!--for fun. And that, my dear child, is why a career in the fast food arts is the best you can hope for.  
Access to affordable health care? Why, that's just a slippery slope to the Third Reich! Because when I think of Hitler, the first thing I think of is health care. He was really cool like that, all caring and compassionate.
Free hot meals to old people? Shut up, Grandma, go back to work! Never mind that your skin is like paper, or it can take you ten minutes to get to the other side of the room. So what if you paid into the system your whole life, stop taking my money!
A safe home for abused and abandoned children? Shouldn't have had that kid in the first place, but as conservatives, we'll force you to have the baby anyway. What happens to it after it's born isn't our problem. And believe me, the places these kids often end up in aren't exactly Disneyland. Best scenario:  wonderful two parent adoptive family (as long as they're not filthy homos) with a nice house, a puppy and a meal at least three times a day. Worst scenario: continually being abused in different ways and shuffled from home to home. Being separated from your siblings. Being constantly told you're worthless and no one wants you, until by the time you're 12 you're well on your way to being a criminal.  So, obviously, in order to be "fiscally conservative" we'll vote to cut pre-natal funding (for that all important fetus), WIC programs, and after school programs. We'll vote to cut out library programs, and useless things like art, music, theatre, and dance. 
A helping hand when you fall on hard times? Since its never happened to me, I can't relate to it ever happening to someone else, so I don't care. If you lose your job or your husband, and you were stupid enough to believe in the Dream and you aren't employed within, like, a week, you're a lazy society-draining leech and should have seen it coming. This is what really gets me mad. This arrogance that people have in which they are, somehow, assured that their lives are perfect, and will remain disaster-free. Your husband won't ever leave you. Your kid won't become unexpectedly sick. You'll never get into an accident, or be the victim of some kind of crime. You'll never have to take time off to care for a sick parent or child. And the judgement that people pass on the people this has happened to absolutely stuns me.
Assistance for those who are wheelchair bound, blind, deaf, or mentally disabled? Well, maybe they can take comfort in the fact that people Republicans align themselves with, like Ann Coulter, will insult you to your face and look down on you for being born in the first place.


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