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Things I'm Thankful For x's3: You are Not Alone, Politics and Books!

 There are a lot of things I am thankful for.

You Are Not Alone
I can remember many a Thanksgiving and holiday season I've spent alone. And depressed, and probably in some degree of pain from a medical condition. So I'm thankful for my husband, and the love he's given me over the years. I am so happy, grateful, lucky and blessed I have someone who loves me, cares for me and looks out for me.
But I'll never forget what it felt like to be that girl--scared, sick, alone, and depressed. No one to talk to. Nowhere to go. Feeling lost, feeling so isolated from the family experience of love and togetherness, no matter how dysfunctional many of our families can be.
If anyone who reads this blog ever feels that way, and wants someone to chat with, I'm always available on Twitter! Seriously, I'm there all the time! @xbluestockingx
And so I'm thankful for social media that lets me connect with awesome like-minded people. 

This is from Randi Rhodes, I did *NOT* write this--this is all her, but I am thankful for the exact same thing, this is merely a quotation (Randi's words appear in quotations):
"I’m also thankful that, even though we’re driving toward a fiscal cliff, Republicans are not in control of the wheel. They’re fighting with the President for control of the wheel, so really nobody is in control. And having nobody in control is still better than having Republicans in control. President Obama is going to sit down and deal with Congressional Republicans over a way to avoid going over that fiscal cliff. From the story of the original Thanksgiving we learned that even people with profound differences can sit down together and celebrate the bounty of this great land. Of course, in the years and decades following that celebration, one group methodically took that land from the other group, so let’s keep the similarities to thankfulness and turkey.

This year President Obama continued the tradition of “pardoning” a Thanksgiving turkey ( video here). Think about it—of all the turkeys in this country, one gets picked out for special treatment. If Mitt Romney were president, that’s how everything would be run."

Speaking of the family togetherness I mentioned: later today we're going to be eating a late dinner (I think 6:30 is late for Thanksgiving dinner, but hey, I'm not cooking) at my in-laws. My in-laws are die hard Republicans. As you can see from this and other posts, I most certainly am not. So I know that later today I am going to have to hear some right wing political diatribe on why Obama is responsible for every bad thing that has happened in the history of the world since time began.
I made a plea earlier on Twitter, but in case it got lost: anybody have any tips about dealing with your conservative in laws? That doesn't involve alcohol. Hurting myself doesn't make someone else change their minds, or lay off the conspiracy theories, racism and homophobia. I'm open to ideas.

You know what kept me company during all those alone times, during the looooong hours from  the time I wake up in the morning on previous Thanksgivings, feeling bad and in pain. Books, of course. Those tiny time capsules or escape tunnels that let me get away and hang out with much more interesting people, who take me on adventures, lead me into romances, make me think Really Deep Thoughts and always have time for me.

I can forget writing. I know what its like to write for my life.


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