Friday, May 3, 2013

Long Time No Hop #25

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Q: Give us a sneak! What are you reading? Tell us about a fun or fail scene in your current read.

I'm currently reading Beautiful Creatures.  I hope to get through it this weekend. There are a lot more "funs" (I realize that's not a word, just go with it) than "fails" in this book. I just finished the scene where Lena and Ethan dig up Genevive's book from her grave. 

What I like about this book is that it's real. It's been billed as "give this book to fans of Twilight". Well, I have sort of a dim view of Twilight fans, so I would recommend this to people who enjoy YA but also like a little realism and heroines that don't rely on their boyfriends for every blink of an eye.  Another thing I like about this book is that it is remarkably layered with the prejudices of the Deep South and urban fantasy/magical realism. Even though I'm not in the Deep South personally, I can relate because I *am* in a rural area and the prejudices are much the same. Another thing I'm enjoying is that most YA novels are told from the female protagonist POV, and this one is from the male protagonist POV--it's a bit of a "culture shock" for me, if you will, because I don't always relate well to male protagonists in the first person voice. But this one I did, which surprised me, pleasantly. 

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