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A to Z Challenge Day 5 "E"

It's funny with poetry. I've learned a lot about myself in just the past few days I've spent trying to keep up.
This poem was prompted by a line from The Waste Land, but, it took me somewhere else entirely. It ended up being about a murder (perhaps two), and it surprised me even as I was writing. The poems I've been writing so far have been things that I've felt, or I that I've done. And while I've been to the wonderful city of London, I wasn't planning to go there until the characters wanted to. This was a story that grabbed me and I went with it and I'm happy about it. So here it is: day five, the letter "E".

Elizabeth and Leicester

Elizabeth found proof of his deceit
Behind the dryer, in the basement
Killed your dreams and sent them down.
You killed the one thing I loved, she wept.
Behind the building
Somewhere in England, maybe.
Go to my frozen remains
Lying out drying like bones
Sticking open like a door that won’t close.
Back to back
She and he
Slowly moved in a circle
A squad of angry ravens
In the basement cops
Poured over the blood
Believe what you want, I was there
Both sopping wet and frozen stiff.
She on the frozen floor
Spent from fighting.
Get me my night
Wrapped around me.
My last night in my flat,
The cat comes downstairs, softly,
A movie villain trying not
To get caught.
Staring at that spot on the floor
Spent blood on the carpet.
The time I faced everything alone.
Or else there was him, Leicester
Alone with you
Left me with this empty house
Tangled in my hair
The rap rap rap of
The heater coughing and also
The ghost of you, dead girl
Green of the countryside just a memory inside the house
Shut up away from everything
This is where Elizabeth died, you said
Wanting the face to the name
In the cab, Leicester explains,
Make a left here.
The motive was jealousy, it always is.
I want what you have, and so forth.
Do you feel guilty, I asked
Weirdly on the left side not driving
I mean properly guilty, sounding very British
He shrugged, eyes black
Just kill a girl, it’s easy a
Blade in the back
Nothing to it, he grinned.
I left the car empty and
Sticking out of the bank like a toy.
You’re lying
Someone wants me scared.


  1. Magnificent! I hope you're having fun with the A to Z!
    @ScarlettBraden from
    Frankly Scarlett


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