Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A to Z Challenge Day 8, Letter H, Hyacinth Girl

H)    Hyacinth Girl
I think names have a kind of magic.
Listen to the flower family:
LaVictoire listened to the petals chime against each other
Like music.
Tubergen’s Scarlet reflected brightly upon
The water.
Lady Derby, felt loneliness under her roots it was
That deep.
Pink Pearl is almost ready
To bloom.
King and Queen of the Blues wanted to be closer
To nature,
(lived like hippies in a van)
Ostara can’t make friends
For anything.
The King of the Violets fantasized about
Seducing her.
Lord Balfour watered and grew under his
Own sadness.
Arentine Arendsen found mystery in the
Perfect day.
L’Innocence was filled with wild light
And electricity.

The Queen of the Whites collected
Another secret.
Go of Haarlem sees the emptiness in
The world.
Yellow Hammer now has to
Speak softly.
Dr. Lieber really thinks she might be
An alien.
Midnight Mystic was born
In twilight.
And birth is always painful.
The green shoots unfurl like flags, push through the earth, displacing it
Created out of grief and death, stretching
Trembling and struggling to lift its head to the sun
When Apollo’s lover, blood running down his face,
Was struck down.
Instead of letting Hades take him he made
Flowers from his still warm blood and
Watered it with his own tears.
All of these flowers,
These bouquets of mourning,
Wavering in the sun,
Defiant, he was trying to recall but  
There were no words left for grief.
The almost-dead man
Half-dead, half-dream
Sleeps for now,  
And out of that vision 
My likeness appears, so he drifts
Back to sleep and
Rests on a pillow
Made of petals.

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  1. Visiting from A to Z. You are certainly a good writer. Great work.
    Ann Bennett @annbennett12

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