Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Tarot Reading

This is from the Halloween tarot deck called the Halloween Oracle by Stacy Demarco. The first card represents the heart of the issue or question, the second card represents the challenge, and the third card represents the solution. 
I find this to be almost scarily accurate. For the first card I've been really pushing myself to be creative lately even though I've had some problems and issues so I can definitely see the heart of the issue or question being me trying to create despite some obstacles in my way. The second card is also accurate because it represents at the graveyard card represents unnecessary fear and I feel like maybe I really drive myself crazy being afraid to take chances and afraid of a rejection and things like that. The third card is also really accurate because it represents of kind of going out and networking that's with the cobweb of the spider represents is going out and kind of casting your web into the world so I am overall I feel like this was a really accurate and a great reading.  BloggerImage

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