Saturday, January 21, 2017

Not My President

Damn right people are angry. Destroying other people's property and violence, no. Knock that shit off. But I'm kinda getting my hackles up over people implying that people don't have a reason or right to the anger and terror they feel right now. 

Just a few things I've heard the last two months: 
1. Give him a chance.
2. Maybe it won't be that bad.
3. All politicians are horrible.
4. He'll get better once in office.
Just a few things I've heard from victims of domestic violence.
1. I'll just give him another chance
2. It's not that bad.
3. All men are like this.
4. He'll get better once we're married.
Just a few things I've heard months/years later:
1. She's dead
2. She's in a coma
3. He killed her child.
4. He's now beating his new girlfriend.
He is not well. He is mentally ill on a multitude of levels. He is that guy who punched you in the face then said it was your fault. He's the guy who raped your 10 year old daughter then said she seduced him. He's the guy who smacked the ice cream out of your hand and called you a disgusting pig. I will not give him a chance. This is not a liberal/conservative thing. At this point I would be thrilled to have Mitt Romney as president. I'd even take George W. Bush. Donald Trump isn't just someone I disagree with on policy and economy. He is a terrifying, sick, monster. He's a pathological liar and a sex offender. He is not my president. He never will be.

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