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Arts, Connections, Culture and the Elderly.

Reposted with permission from Facebook:  I understand that there's  a segment of the population that doesn't understand the value of arts or history.  Personally I have a theory that this is due largely to post-immigrant generations (primarily europeans)  who through social pressures subverted and whitewashed thier own family traditions,  languages and stories in order to present assimilated by the society at large and thus lost connection to thier own cultures.  So,  the value of history,  the value of the arts,  which transmits culture is lost on these blank disconnected generations.  I understand this loss of connection. And maybe this same disconnection deprives them of values such as caring for the young,  the elderly. But when I read that there is a segment of my society that wants to defund Meals on Wheels,  I  wish to say,   as Ashley Morris once put it, "fuck you, you fucking fucks."