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Not there yet, but a little closer than yesterday

3500 WORDS PER POUND WEEK 9 (I THINK) WRITING So, how’s the writing going? Not that great, but I did just rewrite a chapter of the WIP I’ve been working on since The Time of the Flood because I was just freshly inspired by something new and fresh that I could inject to it, without having to alter the storyline too terribly much, so I’m hoping that this is the inspiration that I needed to get going. After the excitement wore off, it’s hard to keep the motivation going too much. I lose focus much too quickly and that’s what cuts me off at the knees. I’m trying. I missed two story deadlines, but I’m trying. I’m trying to think now about ways I’ve lost control, and other ways people have lost control for a story prompt, but focusing mostly on women. Kind of like the show Snapped, but I don’t want to go quite in that true crime direction. Frankly, any words I’m getting on the pages these days is a great victory for me. WIP #2 Salacious Details. I need salacious details. I’ve picked up