Friday, March 23, 2018

Not there yet, but a little closer than yesterday

3500 WORDS PER POUND WEEK 9 (I THINK) WRITING So, how’s the writing going? Not that great, but I did just rewrite a chapter of the WIP I’ve been working on since The Time of the Flood because I was just freshly inspired by something new and fresh that I could inject to it, without having to alter the storyline too terribly much, so I’m hoping that this is the inspiration that I needed to get going. After the excitement wore off, it’s hard to keep the motivation going too much. I lose focus much too quickly and that’s what cuts me off at the knees. I’m trying. I missed two story deadlines, but I’m trying. I’m trying to think now about ways I’ve lost control, and other ways people have lost control for a story prompt, but focusing mostly on women. Kind of like the show Snapped, but I don’t want to go quite in that true crime direction. Frankly, any words I’m getting on the pages these days is a great victory for me. WIP #2 Salacious Details. I need salacious details. I’ve picked up some information I need about my RPF and now I need to collect as many salacious details about this as possible, I’m scouring gossip websites and magazines because I need ideas on what constitutes the life of this person. I need to answer questions like what is luxury, what is wealth, and why will people sell their souls for it? I like things too, I like nice things, but most of my life has been focused on survival, and staying alive, and staying one step ahead of the wolf, and so it fascinates me that there are people out there that have lives that are dedicated to acquiring wealth and power and things and that they are more important than life and living. People who never have to worry about the wolf. What must their lives be like/ Am I drawn to this story because I want to be her, or because I envy her in some way? Or maybe I like the drama, or both. Nostalgia Project Didn’t work on my project lately because I’m not 100% sure what it is that I want to get out of it. I tried it the Saturday before last and I didn’t feel it, and one thing I do know is that I want to recapture the feeling of stepping back in time, and it wasn’t there. So I need to think about what I really want to do with it, what the purpose of this whole thing is. I know I want to do something, recapture this feeling, so I have the WHAT, and I’m doing it by watching old shows from my childhood and some middle school/high school years so I have the HOW, I just need the WHY. Thoughts about Dr. Seuss Week at School Two things I need to write about regarding teaching. One is the Dr. Seuss Week we had at our school and the active shooter drill and evacuation we had on Thursday but that one’s so big, I might leave that for a Medium essay instead. So, Dr. Seuss. I’m kind of conflicted about Dr. Seuss. So many schools do this, and he’s everywhere, to the point of being tedious really. There’s a whole backstory here that’s not exactly appropriate for kids. Before Cat In the Hat, there was the whole, you know, drawing a bunch of really racist cartoons. He did mend his ways, apparently, and ended up changing his perspective and his mind, and ended up drawing anti-racist cartoons, and this past is difficult and complicated to explain to elementary students, but it doesn’t mean it should be left out of the conversation entirely. So, if he changed his mind, which he appears to have done, good, I’m glad he did. Maybe we should explore that journey-at an age appropriate level. Kids grow up to be people and people love Dr. Seuss, and I guess I shouldn’t try and take away from that if it gives people a sense of comfort and joy. But I’m just tired and worn out of Dr. Seuss, as he is not the only representative of children’s literature out there. He’s just not inspiring. I’m no longer a child, and perhaps you’d say that it’s no longer inspiring to me, but it would be inspiring to a kid who struggles to read or who is just exploring this for the first time. Maybe. But Dr. Seuss, while okay, I guess, is just way over hyped for what it offers. There’s so much to work with and choose from, Dr. Seuss isn’t the only one out there. I’m looking for more diversity. So is the point to honor Dr. Seuss, or to honor his contributions to children’s literature or children’s literature’s contribution to society? That very last one, I could get behind. Backlog of Vlogging I’m experiencing some technical difficulties with the backlog of ASMR videos I have downloaded that I’d love to upload to YouTube. They’re all in mp4 format, but for some reason every computer I’ve tried to upload them from tells me it’s in the wrong format, so I’m going to keep trying to figure out what I’ve got going on here. In the meantime I have some scripts to write, and my schedule to set up something like writing during the week and perform/record on the weekend. I’ve got some planning with props and everything else I want to do. So it’s not on hold, just in the planning stages. However, I am barely started to get on the radar of #ASMRVoices, so that is a BIG step for me, so yay! And that, for now, concludes my blogging day

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