A to Z Challenge Day Introduction

Introduction: There is a huge nostalgia craze going on right now, and I think it’s divided into two parts: those of you were kids in the 80’s (raises hand) and those of you who were kids in the 90’s (sees you, waves). If you were either an infant or yet to be born in the 90’s, I tip my hat to you, sir or madam; the millenium is something differnent, and that’s your story to tell, not mine. Without saying my actual age, I was in high school and college (undergrad) during the span of 1990-1999.
What this is This is part memoir, part explanation (from my never to be humble point of view) for post-millenials, and part flash-fiction excercise. I’d love to wrap this all up in a little mico book like I did with the last one, which I did with the last one, and why yes, you can check it out here:
So that makes me a Gen Xer, hi. Maybe like a lot of us lately, I’ve seen a surge of nostalgia based looking back in art, music, and movies, especially. We’ve been turning to our childhood for inspiration which was mostly the 80’s for us if you were born the 70’s, and not a lot of attention has been paid looking at our teen years. Maybe because the trends were so embarrassing. A lot of things were embarassing. Clear plastic furniture? Daisies everywhere? Purple ketchup? Full House?
What this is not I’m not here to trash millenials, post-millenials or anyone else who didn’t grow up in a pre-technology era. I see a lot of memes out there like that that trash younger people for having the audacity for being born in a post-digital world. And while you young whippersnappers may never know the struggle of wanting to use the internet and not be able to because someone’s on the phone, or having to rewind a tape using a pencil, that’s not your fault. That wasn’t your world, and that’s okay. No need for us Gen Xers to be asshats about it. You can’t know things you don’t know. Like, if someone asked me to operate a cinematograph, or a magic lantern, or a hand cranked washing press I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t know how to use one.
This is also far far far from the last word on the subject, nor is it everything ever about the 90’s, and it might not contain all of YOUR beloved memories. Also, keep in mind the challenge is just that, a challenge to fit the alphabet. Like I choose zoobas pants for Z. I never once wore zoobas, but plenty of people did.
For some of the entries, I might try and sneak in two entries, just because I had to. You’ll understand when you get there. Keep in mind I can’t cover everything about the subject at hand in one post, either. If this does go the way of a book, that could change.
You also might not always agree with my choices, especialy when it comes to music. You might hate Courtney Love. You might be glad grunge is dead. You do you, boo.
See my comment policy. Disagreement is fine. Name calling and hate speech is not fine. We’re all (probably, mostly) adults.


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