Thursday, April 11, 2019

A to Z Challenge Day #10--J--Jurassic Park

The feeling of first seeing a dinosaur on screen for the first time, a realistic one, one that wasn’t a cartoon or stop-motion animation/claymation/Clash of the Titans/Planet of the Dinosaurs type dinosaurs was breathtaking. It was amazing. It was real, it was visceral, is was the world unraveling and unfolding itself and reminding me that these were real creatures that once existed and this was possibility and the triumph of science. I almost wasn’t allowed to see it, my parents thought it would be too scary. I, being in high school, thought this was really absurdly lame. This was dinosaurs, not homicine holiday. I won, and not only that, my younger brother got to go, too. I was in love with imagination. I was (am) a cinephile movie junkie and this was the hit I wanted. How can I ever accurately describe the feeling of sitting in that movie theatre, before everything in the world and in in my life turned completely wrong and life was about to get completely complicated and troubled and fearful and full of pain and so much suffering. I could just enjoy something. I was swept away. The music and the camera in symphony at the same time with the grandeur of John Hammond saying with so small amount of gravitas and breathlessness, “Welcome (slight pause) to Jurassic Park.” I had a lump in my throat. I was trembling. How much I wish I was there and how close I thought Spielberg brought me, and that’s what going to the movies is all about. Movies, like books, like musi, like theatre, visual art, are supposed to do that--draw us into another room for whatever reason.

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