Saturday, April 13, 2019

A to Z Challenge Day #13--M--MST3K

This is a (short) love letter to a show I still love, watch and fangirl over to this day. I wanted to take a break from music for a little while, too. I could have talked a little about MTV, and maybe I will get to it in another post, but as you’ve seen, I was a huge consumer of music and tv, still am. But few shows have stayed with me an impacted me as much as Mystery Science Theatre 3000.At this point, it’s pretty much a lifestyle choice. I can’t say when I began watching it, like a precise date and time, but I do know it was in the early 90’s, mostly during those late night binge watching marathons, clicking through the channels after mom and dad went to bed. It both about the thrill of doing something slightly forbidden and also a comfort. I think the early days were on Comedy Central, and that’s when and where I started watching. That wasn’t the beginning of loving the so-bad-they’re-good horror and sci-fi flicks, I had already been binge watching those since the 80’s. Little insomniac me would stay up late watching those at my grandma’s house mostly on Saturday nights. If I’m not mistaken, I think those were Chiller Theatre nights, although I can’t remember the station they aired on. So that’s what snagged my interest at first, the comedy and the acerbic wit of the writers and perfect delivery of the actors are what made me a lifelong fan. It also introduced me to having a critical eye towards pop culture, which I had been slowly nurturing in books (see, it wasn’t all tv) so finding MST3k was like finding my people. I’m so glad they continued their work through Rifftrax, and have expanded their teams of actors and writers. Then there’s the “new” show. I love the new version/season of the show. I don’t think people should expect a revival of a show almost 20-25 years later to be exactly the same. It won’t be. New writers, creators, actors, designers. It’s a new old show, and bringing a show back to life, as is happening with mixed success with a few movies/series lately is not a trend I generally like. I’m usually an eye rolling “let it be, let’s get fresh stories up in here” type person. But I do love me some Felicia Day, so I’ll allow it.

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