Sunday, April 21, 2019

A to Z Challenge--Day 16--P--Pulp Fiction/Pre-Digital

Right before and right after this movie came it was everywhere all the time and so were the quotes. Uma Thurman especially with almost every scene she was in, completely iconic. Cocaine sniffing scene, iconic. Amos and Andy, iconic. Watusi, iconic. Needle through the chest, iconic. It was noir, and it wasn’t. It was noir and it was Tarantino. It was a movie where almost every line was quotable.
The other part of the 90's that was interesting, and worth study, was that it was a transitional decade. At the beginning, it was analog, at the end it was digital. It was a time of becoming, and to be a teenager and a young adult during this era, to grow up as the Internet was growing up was, and is, something only Gen Xers get to lay claim to. That doesn't take away from the experiences of other generations, who get to claim Google and smartphones and lots of other cool stuff, and previous generations who get to claim radio and TV (and who knows where we'd be without that technology), but this one is ours, at least the 90's incarnation (I know the prototypes began long before). I think deep diving into the unique memories of the pre-digital world and the world that came after and its comparisons is worthwhile--look at its popularity in its current revival in pop culture. It's not a black and white world we live in, things are often not as cut and dry--the pre-digital world wasn't perfect, it was simpler, sure, but I find as I grow older I long for things and times that are simpler. But I also enjoy the technology that allows me to do the things that I do, write, play almost infinite music playlists, research almost anywhere, play games, and on and on. I find my memories slipping a little but some things remain the same--there's still radio and TV, after all, and while they've changed some, I can still lay on my bed and read an actual book made out of actual paper with the window open and the breeze coming in while listening to music and it's still one of my favorite things to do. I can do that in any time.

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