Sunday, April 7, 2019

A to Z Challenge Day #7--G--Grunge

Grunge. Grunge is good, I liked grunge. I still like grunge, every once in a while. I'll find a playlist somewhere and pull up some of those old great songs that defined the early part of that decade. And the styles. I'm kind of sad it went way. For me, it was really the last really big movement in music. I know some others happened later, and in other genres, but this was the last one. Maybe I'm just old and everything past 1999 sounds more or the less the same to me. Grunge wasn't the same as the screechy and glittery hair bands, who still had anthems you could sing into your hairbrush with. Grunge was something else. It tapped into something. Maybe it was the antidote to all the hyper color and the bright color everything and daisies and the sorta neo-hippie and daisy-everything that was everywhere. It was somewhat representative of the counterculture, until it went mainstream. I think that's what bothered some of the original artists to begin with. It started as a rebellion and then it got absorbed and repackaged and sold back to itself. When that happens, you know, you lose the art and the authenticity, and suddenly everyone's wearing a plaid shirt. Then it dies, and its on to the next thing. I can't remember what really the next thing was--boy bands and Britney was everywhere after that, and I kind of lost interest. Maybe that's when I started looking back to what I already had and to the 80's. back to good old familiar territory.

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